BioPharma &
Chemical Materials Storage

Simply SASSi! - Integrated Storage/Analysis/Sampling/Shipping

NAT relieves the burden of pharma, biotech, virtual pharma, boutique chemical, reagent and raw material suppliers associated with maintaining and managing an inventory of non-GMP APIs and solid chemical materials. We custom tailor our services to provide options complementary to offerings from large storage facilities.

In this global economy, it is common for chemicals to be sourced from all over the world. Often these chemicals lack COAs and stability data. NAT picks up where most vendors leave off by providing full analysis and stability information as well as taking care of the shipping logistics.




“We procured several chemical intermediates from China and India that had to wait before going to our API manufacturing partners and needed analytical verification. NAT handled all our storage and shipping needs and helped generating the COAs. We received quality service and saved a significant amount of time and money.”

John M., Director of Chemistry, Cambridge-based pharma company

“NAT is now efficiently handling the storage of our whole chemical inventory. Our company frequently needs to arrange sampling and shipment of APIs and intermediates to many of our service providers and collaborators. They do it all—storing, receiving, dispensing, relabeling, packaging, and shipping. Something we could not find anywhere with other operators.”

Peter W., Vice-President, Massachusetts-based virtual pharma company Administrator